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Message par david le Lun 28 Nov - 19:28

Character Larus
Affiliation: Miners

Larus is an escaped Detainee who was freed during the Jailbreak Event. It is said that he has insider knowledge of V-Sec, so he is of great use to the Rebel force.

He has told us that his old ship used to be the Blood Raven, and it was given to a player as a reward for freeing him. He also gave the information he knew about a VEGA project that was in production. He believed that the project was something that we will have to be best prepped to counter, the project was revealed during Martial Law as the Ragnarok Carrier. A massive ship that can speed up any ship in a area by x2 and can release a wave of fighters to its enemy. This ship caught the rebels off guard when they assaulted, Killing anything that got in its path and didn't show any mercy as it attacked. This was the ship that Larus tried to warn us about.

Larus runs a black market and sells contraband equipment such as equipment cards to players in exchange for Blood Amber. Because he does not want to be caught by VEGA Security again, his black market remains in a planet and will occasionally jump to different planets in the sector from time to time. He also is the primary designer of the Valhalla Carrier, which is his own counterpart based off previous plans and combat data surveillance from the event Martial Law, and it was available in Arms Race. He also designed the Osprey Frigate for Countermeasures. Later in Face Off, Algol attempted to wrest control of the rebels over Larus, but was rejected. During Reclamation, Larus went off to seek help from a mercenary rebel group known as the Iron Star Company. Briefly before Revenge, Bishop claims Larus was recaptured by VEGA. He also has a slight accent when speaking, presumably an Australian accent.

During the Iron Blood event, he loses sympathy with a majority of the Rebellion, who decides to side with Keres and the Iron Star Company. He will open the black market and trade with rebels that are still loyal to him, but his insider information about Bishop, Blood Amber, and VEGA's researches are now out of our reach.


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